Homemade Thieves Oil Blend

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Ok so I will admit, I first learned of this oil during a yoga class. Stereotypical, I know, but stay with me. It was the scent that I connected with before knowing that this was also a very powerful and natural anti-biotic. It can be used to clean your home, to keep you healthy during cold and flu season, for laundry, to diffuse, etc. In short it has an infinite number of uses.

The reason it for its interesting moniker is in its folklore and history. It was inspired by the homeopathic blend of five oils that legend has was used by four thieves - french grave robbers during the middle ages. During this time, the Black Plague ravaged the population of Europe. The thieves used this blend to protect them against the diseases borne by the bodies they came in contact with. This combination worked so well that they never fell ill. But they did get caught. Their secret to not becoming ill was so valuable that they were granted lenient sentences for disclosing it.

Excellent for cleaning

Thieves has a beautiful cinnamon fragrance. Cleaning your home with thieves will leave a clean, naturally healthy scent. It helps to clean everything from laundry to counter tops, and just about everything in between. Unlike chemical cleaning products, inhaling it while you clean can help support your immune system. Plus you are not exposing yourself or family to dangerous chemicals. Win, win!

Diffusing thieves oil blend

Diffusing  with an essential oil diffuser is a great way to get the benefits of this health supporting blend for you and your family. Inhaling diffused thieves oil blend can support the lungs, aid the immune system, and give support to sinuses. In addition to diffusing throughout the day, you can diffuse this blend in the bedroom at night. It is a wonderful way to give added support to keep lung, sinuses, healthy as well as for overall immune health. This is especially valuable during the winter months!


35 drops clove essential oil

30 drops lemon essential oil

15 drops cinnamon bark essential oil

13 drops eucalyptus essential oil

7 drops rosemary essential oil

10 ounces witch hazel or water

amber glass bottle


Add essential oils to the bottle and gently shake to combine.


These oils are powerful and they can damage skin or cause other irritation. Be sure to use with carrier oils or water or witch hazel. Be sure to test for allergic reactions before use.

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