How to clean silicone utensils

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Silicone utensils like these are great for many reasons. They are made out of natural silicone and free from toxic materials like BPA and BPS. They are highly heat resistant and will not melt while cooking. They are ergonomically designed and constructed in one piece, so no joints for food or bacteria to hide. In short, there are many reasons to have these in your kitchen.

But silicone can stain. Certain everyday foods like tomato sauce or curry can make your and make your clean utensils look dirty.

In order to keep these utensils looking new try rubbing a bit of any cooking oil before using your utensils. This will 'seal' it and keep them from absorbing the foods that stain.

So what happens when silicone spatulas or mixing spoons pick up stains from tomato sauce, turmeric, or pesto? In those cases often even an aggressive soapy scrubbing won’t get them completely clean.

To get them completely back to the original white, soak overnight (or longer) in 3% hydrogen peroxide, or in a bleach solution (made by diluting 2 1/2 tablespoons of bleach in 2 cups of water).

Both of these two methods work because both hydrogen peroxide and bleach are both oxidants, a type of compound that excel at breaking down the compounds that make foods those colors.

Just remember to wash your stain-free spatulas in warm soapy water before use.

How are you keeping your utensils like new? Send me your questions or comments!

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