My Cousin Alex's Sourdough Bread

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

My gorgeous cousin Alex who has a 20 something year old son. Can you believe it?

Last August, a bunch of my family met in Orlando, FL. It was so wonderful to see everyone.

I was especially interested in spending time with my cousin because I had learned she and her family had recently made big changes in their lifestyle. My cousin and her family were now vegan (or mostly vegan in some cases)!! She looked as always much younger and now she looked super healthy and fit.

She happily shared how being vegan was changing her life. It was so inspirational that the whole time we were in Orlando, I paid close attention and asked lots of questions about her new lifestyle and how and what she ate. Although I didn't know it then, I would follow her and become vegan after that visit.

I noticed that while she focused on eating whole foods and whole grains, however, she had white sourdough toast (mmmm!) for breakfast. She shared was her belief that commercial yeast was unhealthy and caused bloating but that sourdough did not have this same effect.

As a woman entering my 50s, reducing tummy size and bloating it was something I was extremely motivated by. Ever the internet junkie, when I got home I did a bit of googling on the subject and found that she was right. Sourdough is gentler to digest and although to the beginner it sounds as if making sourdough is hard and complex the pictures above are witnesses that anyone can do it.

I did a bit of searching and found that you can make your own 'starter' for sourdough with just flour and water. I followed the steps and found that after just a few days I had exactly what they described. I now 'feed' Ian, my sourdough starter regularly and make sourdough bread and sourdough naan 2-3 times a week.

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