Silicone Utensil and Baking Mat Set

The emp Essential White Silicone Kitchen Utensil / Non-Stick Baking Mat Set was designed with both style and function in mind. Ideal for all your cooking and baking needs, these kitchen tools are designed with a solid nylon core and natural white silicone solid outer surface. The solid silicone surface is low maintenance and easy to clean and prevents bacteria growth. Flexible edges enable utensils to squeeze into hard to reach corners. The all over solid silicone surface will not damage your cookware. Line baking sheets without adding fat or calories. 

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The Set includes ​​


         ​1 turning spatula

          1 mixing spoon 

          1 mixing spatula 

          1 brush

          1 skinny spatula

          2 non-stick baking mats   

  • Brilliant True White Color - hard to find and great in any kitchen set includes ​​

  • Better than Amazon Basic - comparable to Silpat

  • Premium 100% Platinum Silicone surface​, durable nylon core; stylish, ergonomic design; weighted handles


  • Use with any cookware including non-stick

  • FDA approved food grade, BPA/BPS free materials

  • Heat resistant to 450° F

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Lifetime guarantee - Designed in Springfield, Illinois 

Note from the emp Essential kitchen:

Silicone is a natural product.  Silicone kitchen products are naturally porous. Just as natural stone countertops can stain, silicone kitchen tools can stain. When using silicone utensils with tomato-based foods, curries, or other foods that stain, coat utensils lightly with oil before use and rinse with water right after use.  


If your utensils become stained, please soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide or in a diluted bleach solution (2 1/2 tablespoons of bleach in 2 cups of water) for 24 hours.  

emp Essential products have a lifetime guarantee.  If you have questions, please contact us:  

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